Research Careers in Finland

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Aikajakso24 helmik. 2021

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Osallistuminen mediassa

  • NimiMy career: From start to Finnish, Ben Wilson (Staff Scientist, Aalto University)
    Tunnustuksen arvoInternational
    Medianimi / kanavaGood News from Finland
    KuvausBen ended up in Finland in 2007, after jumping at the chance to join an EU NEST project, the aim of which was to make artificial mnemonic memory capabilities. Having also lived in other cities in Europe, Ben eventually settled here and forged a life and career for himself, first as a researcher and now as a staff scientist. With his daily work focusing on raw materials, metallurgy and electrochemistry, Ben is part of a concerted effort by Finland to position itself as Europe’s leading hub for batteries.

    But, as you no doubt will have heard, life in Finland is not all about work. Taking up skiing and becoming a connoisseur of Finland’s burgeoning craft beer scene are but two of his hobbies. Finnish summer has also become one Ben’s favourite things about living here, due to the combination of abundant light and the intense colours of nature.
    Tuottaja / kirjoittajaJames O’Sullivan
    HenkilötBen Wilson