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  • K. PavlovKraftonweg Oy
  • ,
  • P. Vuoristo
  • Alexander Savin
  • H. KoivuluotoTampere University of Technology
  • ,
  • K. GorchakovKraftonweg Oy

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Aikajakso31 heinäkuuta 2017

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Osallistuminen mediassa

  • NimiProperties of Superconducting Nb and NbTi Coatings-films Deposited by New Ionic-Plasma Clusters method
    Tunnustuksen arvoInternational
    Medianimi / kanavaProducts Finishing
    KuvausNovel plasma-clustered deposition technique, called PVD Droplets, as well as its main principles of operation were described. New types of obtained thick, over 20 μm, functional coatings basing on Ta and Zr have been presented. Results of research in physic-chemical properties of the coating materials are listed including preliminary studies of superconductive properties. Comparative evaluation between of obtained coatings and sample CVD coating was made.
    HenkilötK. Pavlov, P. Vuoristo, Alexander Savin, H. Koivuluoto, K. Gorchakov