PhDJs: Hedon Blakaj interview

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The PhDJs event brings music research to the new Merikerho venue. Hosts Kim Emil Ramstedt and Mikko Mattlar are djs and researchers who once a month will be interviewing a researcher about his or her field and afterwards play music related to the topic and suitable for the evening.

At the second PhDJs event, our guest is Hedon Blakaj from Aalto University School of Business, who will be talking about his research on Finnish club dj’s as cultural entrepreneurs in cultural production. What is the role of a dj in the field of cultural production nowadays, and what does a researcher think about the Finnish dj-scene?

The discussion is held in English and will take place at 19:00. Researcher/djs Hedon and Mikko Mattlar will from 20:00 onwards play sets that include at least a lot of italo and disco.

Aikajakso13 syysk. 2017

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Osallistuminen mediassa

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