Marine Technology Research at AAlto University, Finland

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The Marine technology group of Aalto University (Finland) investigates the responses and strength of ships in a complex physical environment where ice- and wave-induced loads are present. We also investigate the system-level issues at the scales of shipping systems and fleets as well as individual ships and their subsystems. Our focus is on passenger and ice-going ships and on autonomous ships. Today, our main research activities today are related to the advanced lightweight structures, hydro-elasticity, passenger ship safety (see, safety of smart maritime solutions, risk framework development for navigation in Polar waters (see: Finland are world-widerecognized superpower in education. At Aalto University we are proud to contribute to numerous national ( , regional ( and pan-european initiatives ( that promote the maritime profession. In the future we intend to intensify these efforts and promote lifelong learning as a key attribute.

Over the years to come maritime research, innovation and education will be the key to safe and sustainable waterborne operations. At the Aalto Maritime Technology Research Group we understand that, in the coming decades, we must pursue research and education excellence that will help deliver clear social and economic benefits without adversely affecting the environment upon which we depend. To succeed, we strive to become more international, improve our infrastructure, our education programs, our knowledge and our open innovation capabilities. To implement our vision we take stock from our strengths and tradition and we plan to respond to the future research agenda along the following directions that promote safe and sustainable shipping :

a.Assuring safety and security of the supply chain

b. Promoting safer and more environmentally friendly ships

c. Technology, education and skills

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