Writing, Theorizing and Making as a Spherical Act in Artistic Research

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Susanna Helke - Kontribuuttori

If artistic research is about producing theory and knowledge within art practice, how should this knowledge – theory – be expressed? My presentation is inspired by a metaphor for writing stemming from Sergei Eisenstein’s diary entry in which he expressed his frustration with the form of a conventional book as a way to present his theoretical ideas. He proposes the fantasy of a spherical book. This dream of a multidimensional book can also be seen as a metaphor for writing in artistic research. How can making in relation to theorizing within praxis be presented in a manner, which respects the organic relation between these two realms?
29 huhtikuuta 2016

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Teoksen nimiInternational Conference on Artistic Research
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SijaintiUniversity of the Arts, The Hague, Leiden University
KaupunkiThe Haag
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