Well-rounded lattices for the wiretap channel

  • Laia Amoros Carafi (Puhuja)

Aktiviteetti: Kutsuttu akateeminen esitelmä


In a classical wireless communications setting, a transmitter, Alice, wants to send a message to a receiver, Bob, through a possibly noisy channel. We consider the situation in which an eavesdropper, Eve tries to obtain the message through a more degraded channel. In this scenario, known as the wiretap channel, we want the transmission to be efficient, reliable and secure. Several design criteria based on lattice codes have been proposed with this aim. We will show how well-rounded lattices are specially good for these purposes and show how to choose the most convenient one. These can be obtained from number fields and quaternion algebras.
Aikajakso10 tammik. 2020
PidettyCenter for Mathematics and Computer Science CWI, Amsterdam, Alankomaat
Tunnustuksen arvoInternational