Vyacheslavs Kashcheyevs

  • Elina Potanina (Host)

Aktiviteetti: Hosting a visitor


The purpose of the visit is to initiate a collaboration between the University of Latvia (Prof. V. Kashcheyevs), Adelaide University (Prof. G. C. Tettamanzi) and Aalto University (E. Potanina and Prof. C. Flindt). During this visit, we plan to develop a theoretical model capturing the geometric effect of adiabatic pumping, which has been experimentally observed and measured at Adelaide University. Based on the geometric phase argument,
the adiabatic theory allows us to eliminate the time dependence and describe periodically driven systems in the space of control parameters using the concept of Berry curvature.
The main aim of this collaboration is to establish a connection between the theoretical geometric objects
and the experimentally available measurements.
Aikajakso3 lokakuuta 201915 lokakuuta 2019
Mistä vieraileeUniversity of Latvia (Latvia)
Vierailijan tutkintoProfessor
Tunnustuksen arvoInternational