Vietnamese Entrepreneurship Society in Finland (Ulkoinen yksikkö)

Aktiviteetti: Luottamustehtävä seurassa tai verkostossa


A large number of outstanding Vietnamese talents are coming to Finland every year to receive higher education. In fact, Vietnamese students make up the second-largest group of international students in Finland.
These highly-educated and well-integrated talents later become professionals that contribute directly to the economic growth of Finland. However, when it comes to the world of startups, their presence is still limited. Living far away from their motherland, most lack confidence, guidance, and connections to embark on their own ventures.
VietES exists to solve this problem. We incubate Vietnam-connected startups in Finland by combining the strengths of the ecosystems of Finland and Vietnam.
Aikajakso1 toukokuuta 2019
PidettyVietnamese Entrepreneurship Society in Finland, Suomi