Videography Workshop for Business Research

  • Lafaire, A. (Puheenjohtaja)
  • Alice Wickström (Puheenjohtaja)
  • Ari Kuismin (Puheenjohtaja)
  • Joonas Rokka (Puheenjohtaja)
  • Pilvi Takala (Puheenjohtaja)

Aktiviteetti: Työpajan, paneelin, session, tutoriaalin tai tapahtuman järjestäminen


The workshop is led by professor Joonas Rokka (EMLYON Business School), and is organized together with Dr. Ari Kuismin (University of Jyväskylä, Finland), Alice Wickström (Aalto University, School of Business), Ana Paula Lafaire (Aalto University, School of Business) and the internationally renowned visual artist Pilvi Takala.
In the workshop, expert lectuers with professor Rokka and Takala will be combined with a hands-on videography research project conducted in teams. The project will be both designed and completed during the workshop under the supervision of the organizers. The workshop will provide participants with the theoretical and practical tools needed for videographic work in their respective field in an intimate and explorative setting. We will also provide insights into how scholars can submit and publish their videography in academic and other impactful platforms.
Aikajakso3 toukok. 20235 toukok. 2023
Tapahtuman tyyppiWorkshop
SijaintiHelsinki, SuomiNäytä kartalla