Valeria Bruschi

Aktiviteetti: Isännöity akateeminen vierailu Aalto-yliopistossa


Ms. Valeria Bruschi visited the Aalto Acoustics Lab for 3 months in fall 2021 to collaborate with Prof. Vesa Välimäki and Dr. Juho Liski on equalizing filter design. She was a PhD student at the Università Politecnica delle Marche under supervision of Prof. Stefania Cecchi at the time. Two publications were written as a result of this research visit: a paper in the Journal of the Audio Engineering Society (June 2021) and another one presented at the International Conference on Digital Audio Effects DAFX (Sept. 2021).
Aikajakso13 syysk. 202117 jouluk. 2021
Mistä vieraileeUniversità Polichnica delle Marche. Italy (Italia)
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