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Aktiviteetti: Nimitetty asiantuntija- tai luottamustehtävä akateemisessa yhteisössä


Genes and Society Argumenta Project, Member of the Steering Group

“Genes and Society” is a two-year (2015-2017) Argumenta project funded by Finnish Cultural Foundation. Argumenta funding is intended to stimulate dialogue between researchers in various fields of science on the significant subjects of current research. The aim of Genes and Society project is to bring together representatives from various fields to discuss the current state and future prospects of genetic research and its applications. Genetic and biomedical research is undergoing a major change. At present, it’s possible to produce the complete sequences of individual human genomes in just a few days. Thus, there is a widely held expectation that genetic research will open new possibilities in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and lead to new advances both in medical and bio economic commercialization in the near future. Increase in genomic information is also a prerequisite for evolution of personalized medicine including new applications to monitor personal health via various monitoring techniques. While the future of genetic and biomedical science has become a topical issue, there still remain many open questions for example from technical, legal, ethical, sociological, cultural, financial and religious perspectives. The Genes and Society project aims to discuss these questions both academically and among wider audiences by organizing seminars and lecture series in collaboration with both Finnish and foreign experts of the relevant fields of science. The Genes and Society project at YouTube and SlideShare.
PidettyUniversity of Oulu, Suomi