Transforming Fashion Pedagogy Through Textile Thinking

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Presentation of the paper: Transforming Fashion Pedagogy Through Textile Thinking Salolainen, Leppisaari, Niinimäki, 2018.
The synergy of textiles and garments is an integral part of fashion design. Profound understanding of how textile materials and structures affect the form and function of the garment, as well as haptic knowledge obtained from a hands-on experiences with fabrics are essential for fashion designers. In textile-led fashion design the design of garments and collections is approached through textile thinking. The process starts by designing the fabrics, their characteristics further influencing the garment shapes as well providing an important inspiration to the overall look of the collection. Engagement in creating textiles provides an asset in enforcing the designer’s aesthetics, expression of ideas and materializing values. In this study, we focus on the experiences of a new fashion pedagogy linked to the textile studios. In the studio based pedagogy rich, immersive research and skilled use of materials and textile techniques are elements to transform fashion design. Effective learning is constructed by adding tacit and haptic knowledge into experiential pedagogy. Through reflective learning, practically oriented and theoretical knowledge can be combined. Hands-on studio pedagogy has been the key to create a combination of practically oriented and solid theoretical knowledge. The fashion students’ textile design studies extend to woven fabrics and jacquards as well as knits, embroideries, prints and other finishing techniques and aim to industrial manufacturing and understanding of industrial processes and requirements. Based on our experience we argue that this hands-on studio pedagogy enables the emerging of new understanding in the context of fashion design. Students rediscover the connection to textile culture, which has been lost with manufacturing of fabrics today being away from sight in large production units and often overseas. This insight into textile materials and techniques is a base to
construct new knowledge. We argue that fashion can be transformed through new pedagogy of textile thinking.
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Tapahtuman otsikkoRediscovering Culture, Transforming Fashion
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