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  • Sepideh Sadatizarrini (Järjestäjä)
  • Freja Bäckman (Järjestäjä)
  • Kallio-Tavin, M. (Järjestäjä)
  • Qureshi, A. (Järjestäjä)
  • Marie-Andrée Godin (Järjestäjä)
  • Mehta, A. A. (Järjestäjä)

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Seminar: Touching/Transforming
Public Talk: Pauliina Feodoroff
Thursday, 3rd June, 10-12 (Finnish Time)
An online talk with Pauliina Feodoroff, organised by the Cluster for Critical Artistic Research (CCARe) at the Department of Art at Aalto University. Feodoroff discusses the questions of fighting for your existence, depression, re-rooting, the joy with land and self-doubt. Transmitting live from HIAP.

Touching/Transforming is a two day seminar organised by Cluster for Critical Artistic Research at Aalto art department. The framework departs from a consideration of the precarious relation of artistic research to both the university and a wider field of counter-institution building. While an artistic research practice may beformulated and marked by the discursive and political framework of the neoliberal university, the multiple genealogies of critical artistic research reach far beyond and are rooted in feminist, queer, antiracist,postcolonial and decolonial activisms and theory.

This tendency of artistic research to ‘reach towards’ multiple sites of knowledge production occurs also within and across academic disciplinary boundaries, with many critical practices ‘touching on’ the study of theory,film, music, technology, science or medicine.

This seminar provides a space to reflect on the value of ‘touching’ fields of knowledge through material practice and what it means to ‘transform’ them. The notion of touch proposed here embraces the physical and material as well as the virtual, literary and speculative. The Touching/Transforming regards the power of magical thinking to transform institutions and knowledge as well as ourselves.

Aikajakso3 kesäk. 2021
Tapahtuman tyyppiSeminar
SijaintiHelsinki, SuomiNäytä kartalla
Tunnustuksen arvoInternational