The Voices of Stones Narrations

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To connect to other-than-humans, in the context of stones found around Helsinki from August to October 2020, is a part of a performative becoming, and the process of developing the performance The Voices of Stones (2020). This performance evolves around entanglements, points of encounters, regarding stones as collaborators; having their own voice. When meeting with these stones in the field, a certain relational encounter takes place, starting a dialogue and a collaboration, something which political theorist Jane Bennett names “thing-power” (2010).

As part of assembling these stone-collaborators, I started to further listen to them, writing small narrations to each, anchored in our first meeting, which includes their own story. I am in this process actively relating to the histories of the places they were found, the environment they were – and are – a part of, to be able to retell these stories coming directly from matter. For Viral Life, I would like to introduce The Voices of Stones as a project and make a small intervention of reading aloud these stone narrations. These stories should enable us think about the conditions in which natural element reside, giving a voice to the silent structures through relation and engagement with these as collaborators with a story to tell!
Aikajakso17 marraskuuta 2020
Tapahtuman otsikkoSymposium Viral Life: null
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SijaintiÅs, Norja
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