The Museum is not a Platform

Bhowmik, S. (Puhuja)

Aktiviteetti: Kutsuttu esitelmä


A museum cannot and should not be reduced to computation. Not all cultural knowledge and experience can be processed by algorithms. The totalizing and Silicon Valley-driven idea of a museum as a platform blinds us to the plethora of data- & experience generating social and informational ecologies within which it is sited. The forms of available knowledge cannot be easily contained, framed and catalogued within the walls of the museum, ie. channeled through programming interfaces. But, what other models for thinking could be developed to go beyond the ‘information processing’ and ‘interfacing’ of the museum? What other repertoires, epistomologies, and methodologies might be necessary that embrace memory, communities, other species, ethics and environment? This talk discusses the pros and cons of platformization of museums. It proposes a wider framework that recognises museums as an entangled social and knowledge infrastructure set in the broader network of civic infrastructures. Rather than reduce the museum to an abstract interface, we are challenged thus to explore what lies behind, under and beyond.
Aikajakso25 huhtikuuta 2019
Tunnustuksen arvoNational