Teaching award: TAITE team: Paula Hohti, Marja Nurminen, Sini Vihma, Sakari Tervo, Tuija Peltomaa, Antti-Ville Reinikainen, Sanna Lehtinen

Aktiviteetti: Opetustyö


The TAITE Team has played a unique and essential role in the success of the School over these last two, very difficult years. They successfully put an entirely new and innovative curriculum in place, one that introduces our students to essential ideas and ways of working, featuring hands-on doing, research, and critical dialogue across all our many disciplines. Remarkably, they did so in the unfolding uncertainty of the pandemic. This required a huge amount of nimbleness, creativity -- and just plain hard work. It also required a tireless commitment to every single student's success, meaning every single Bachelor's student. TAITE and its Team are not only standard bearers for what creativity work means at Aalto. but also for the very idea of a creative community. Congratulations and our thanks to each of you.
Aikajakso9 maalisk. 2022