Take an AI model, Break it Down and Exploit it Creatively | Koray Tahiroğlu, Aalto University

Aktiviteetti: Kutsuttu akateeminen esitelmä


This is something we know, advanced computational technologies do challenge the practices of creative practitioners. By looking at the recent development of AI methods and deep learning models, it appears that these technologies have already penetrated the creative practices and this transformation is now impacting the ways in which artists, designers, musicians, writers, etc., act on their creative work, offering a new perspective that redefines human-technology relationship. In my talk I will critically reflect on how as an artist-researcher I apply computational technologies to music practices that use digital musical instruments, often to things they were not meant to be applied to. This presentation will suggest that computation is an integral part of digital music practices, inseparable part of the artistic process today and beyond the traditional studio-recording-editing domain, it influences the methods and processes of our creative works; how music is composed, performed, experienced, shared and distributed.
Aikajakso8 syysk. 2022
PidettyAalto Studios

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