Speaker at the seminar Onko suomalainen taidekenttä monimuotoinen ja tasa-arvoinen?

    Aktiviteetti: Kutsuttu akateeminen esitelmä


    Is the Finnish art field diverse, open and equal?

    Arkadia Society of Artists and Parliament Members will organize a seminar on 15.1.2019 at 16.00-18.30 with Globe Art Point, Culture for All and Centre for Cultural Policy Research Cupore with the aim of raising debate on the conditions of cultural services and the possibilities of artwork for non-Finnish born artists and artists with disability.

    The Equality Act has been in force since 2014 and the purpose of the law is to prevent discrimination in public and private activities. Culture for All, Cupore and Globe Art Point, in their joint AVAUS project, focus on equality in the arts and culture field. There are estimated to be more than a thousand foreign-born artists living in Finland, as well as artists who are disabled or belong to linguistic minorities.

    Working on equal working conditions for artists with different backgrounds on the Finnish art and culture field is still to be improved. Linguistic and culturally diverse cultural program would enable the participation of different audiences. Integration is often spoken of from an economic point of view, and cultural inclusion is forgotten. Multicultural cultural centres help to preserve immigrants’ own cultural heritage, but do they enhance integration?
    Aikajakso15 tammik. 2019
    PidettyFinnish Parliament/Pikkuparlamentin auditorio, Suomi
    Tunnustuksen arvoRegional