Spatial Design and Furniture at the Altar Space in Modern Finnish Church Buildings

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Presentation was part of the program: 500 YEARS OF PROTESTANT CHURCH ARCHITECTURE, International Symposium, Helsinki, October 31 – November 1, 2017

Abstract of the presentation:
European church buildings underwent a renaissance before the turn of the millennium. Particularly in Finland, a string of consistently high-quality Protestant church buildings were built with modern architectural design to international acclaim. The exceptionally high quality of church architecture in Finland is seen to have stemmed from the building designs’ origins in architectural competitions. Modern architecture has subsequently played a significant role in creating the modern image of Finland.

This paper studies certain features of altar space and furniture settings in Finnish church buildings. Its research material consists of Finnish churches built and consecrated between the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century. Design of the altar space is analysed in relation to the furniture but also in relation to chosen features such as its position in the church building, the elevation of the floor and changes and openings of the ceiling.
Aikajakso1 marrask. 2017
PidettyNational Museum, Helsinki, Suomi
Tunnustuksen arvoInternational