Smart City: The Meaning of Smart City in Future Europe

Rincon Salazar, N. (Kutsuttu puhuja)

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Topic: "The Meaning of Smart City in Future Europe"
Moderator: Nick Cotton, Author of the Smart City Cookbook

Sirpa Pietikäinen (MEP)
Jacques Vermeulen (Nokia)
Natalia Rincon (CHAOS architects + Aalto)
Teppo Rantanen (City of Tampere)
There will be two wireless mics for the panelist to share and a headset for the moderator.

Questions listed according to priority
‘Smart City’ has become a broadly used slogan, just like ‘sustainability’ before that. What is so special about ‘smart cities’?
What are the main goals of European smart cities, and what actions are being taken to reach those goals?
Are the goals of different European countries in line with each other?
How will Europe keep up with the developmental pace of Eastern smart cities?
What will smart city services look like in the future?
How will the future smart city manage and produce data in a way that it will also benefit other European cities?
How could citizens be more involved in the development process of smart cities, so that it wouldn’t just be between businesses and city authorities?
Considering the current budget cuts, how can local authorities take advantage of smart-city technology in a realistic way?
Small size often means more agility, but versatility is also needed. What are those agile approaches through which the innovative and versatile David will beat the mighty Goliaths?
How will smart cities of the future collaborate to tackle common challenges?
What will happen after we reach all our goals - will things eventually go back the way they were, or will there be another trend that will take over and the principles of smart cities will be forgotten in the process?
Aikajakso11 lokakuuta 2018
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