Session: Experimental Game Jams – Pushing The Boundaries Of Game Development With JamBike & Other Experiments

Kultima, A. (Puhuja)

Aktiviteetti: Konferenssiesitelmä


Can you develop a game on a tandem bike? What if you make a game for a technocrane or planetarium? What kind of crazy jammers Finns are? Annakaisa Kultima and Jonne Harja from Finnish Game Jam take you through some examples of adventurous game jams, such as JamBike, Survival Mode, Mediapolis Game Jam and FGJ Bus. Join the session to learn about the power of game jams and get new ideas for your own game development retreats and experiments.
Aikajakso19 syyskuuta 2017
Tapahtuman otsikkoPocket Gamer Connects: null
Tapahtuman tyyppiConference
SijaintiHelsinki, Suomi
Tunnustuksen arvoInternational