Salvage Stories in Art & Ecology

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    This public symposium, curated and moderated by Lucy Davis of the Migrant Ecologies Project (Singapore/Helsinki) is held in accordance with the opening of Railtrack Songmaps Roosting Post 2 at Jendela Gallery The Esplanade. The symposium aims to broaden the conversation and draw in equivalent case studies from Southeast Asia and the world while at the same time deepening considerations about methods of artistic and ecological engagement, with key emphasis on transformative ecologies of salvage and storytelling.
    First Panel: Salvage as Artistic & Ecological Method230 – 4pm Panelists: Ho Rui An, artist and writer (Singapore); Shabbir Hussain Mustafa, Senior Curator, National Gallery Singapore (Singapore); Jennifer Teo and Woon Tien Wei, co-founders of Post-Museum (Singapore); Ryan Yeo, Operations Director, Roger&Sons Wood Designers (Singapore). This panel explores how processes of salvage as artistic and ecological method might complement advocacy. Are salvage practices merely band-aids? How might they be means of creating new, more-than-human, monstrous alliances, intertwined with queer ecologies and intersectional, interspecies communities of care?
    Second Panel: Story telling like Shadows through Leaves430 – 6pm Panellists: Artist Designer Dinu Bodiciu (Romania)Hsu Fang-Tze (Taipei), Curator, NUS Museum; Kee Ya Ting, photographer(Singapore); Zarina Muhammad, artist (Singapore); Anca Rujoiu, artist and curator (Romania); Alfian Sa’at, writer, playwright (Singapore). This second session concerns strategies for collaborative memory-work through more-than-human contact zones: How might an existing tangle of a public housing estate from the 1960’s and scrubby ‘degraded land’ along an abandoned railway be regarded as something as precious as our gilded natural histories or pristine national parks? How might memory-workers replay the echoes and retrace the shadows of vanishing urban lifeforms in ways that are transformative and forward-looking? How might absent presences still flicker between us? How might such tellings speak to possible futures and collective ecologies rather than encasing such memories in vaults of nostalgia?Both panels will be moderated by Lucy Davis. About Railtrack Songmaps: Roosting Post 2 is the latest iteration of an ongoing, collaborative media, sound and visual engagement with a contested “nature-culture” zone along the former Malaysian railway tracks at Tanglin Halt. The Migrant Ecologies Project forges a pathway through this troubled nexus of urban life, exploring existing relations between humans and birds along the tracks. Their research, compiled over years of listening to birds and developing conversations with various humans, reveals a rich seam of interspecies communications, projections, memories and song. Roosting Post 2 presents a series of new reverberations sourced from this research. It aims to raise the audibility and visibility of the project and the polyphony of human and non-human voices therein. Founded in 2010, The Migrant Ecologies Project is a collaborative project that brings together various art practice-led inquiries into questions of culture and nature in Southeast Asia. The collaborators for this iteration are Zachary Chan, Lucy Davis, Kee Ya Ting and Zai Tang.
    Aikajakso18 tammik. 2020
    Tapahtuman tyyppiSeminar
    SijaintiSingapore, SingaporeNäytä kartalla
    Tunnustuksen arvoInternational