RIXC Art Science Festival (Tapahtuma)

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Media ubiquity, pandemic concerns, and social divisions, affected moreover by an ongoing war, have landed us in a world of splintered realities – to live with? to heal? to care? to learn from nature? We don't expect to provide answers. Instead, this year our festival aims to be a forum for revising the “splinters'' of our contemporary condition. We choose this perspective as our 'realism' is neither that of military strategists, nor that of cultural pessimists. Instead, ours is a desperate realism – in the spirit of Guattari's ecosophy, Latour's terrestrial coexistence, or Haraway's 'arts of living on a damaged planet'..

The RIXC Art Science Festival 2022 under the title SPLINTERED REALITIES takes place in Riga and virtually. The Festival Program includes the OPENING (August 25, 2022), the EXHIBITION (August 25 – October 16, 2022 / Kim? Contemporary Art Center) and the CONFERENCE (October 6–8, 2022 / Hybrid: Virtual / Riga), featuring Deep Europe Symposium, the 5th Renewable Futures conference and Live Sessions from Liepaja, Karlsruhe and Oslo.
Aikajakso6 lokak. 20228 lokak. 2022
Tapahtuman tyyppiFestival
SijaintiRiga, LatviaNäytä kartalla
Tunnustuksen arvoInternational