Research Network Day

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The existing scientific proof of planetary issues such as global warming still seems trivial to an important sector of the population. Thus a data platform for environmentalist art could support scientific research by bringing attention to environmental degradation. Artistic research could help reconcile society with a planetary vision through citizen initiatives that empower us with tools that help with making decisions, such as monitoring pollution levels or mapping relations between technological footprints, and planetary cycles.

My research is around technologies on location, to be used for open environmental data sensing in an intermedia context. The sensing devices developed will follow an Interaction Design process focusing on principles of sustainability and maker culture. The outcome of the research expects to collect field experiences from a community of creators, specialised on potentialities of locative media, in order to serve environmental queries through artistic and scientific procedures.
Aikajakso27 tammikuuta 2018
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Tapahtuman tyyppiFestival
SijaintiBerlin, Saksa
Tunnustuksen arvoInternational