• Sirkka-Liisa Jämsä-Jounela (Puheenjohtaja)
  • Hauhio, L. (Järjestäjä)
  • Kortela, J. (Järjestäjä)
  • Babak Nasiri (Järjestäjä)
  • Jose Gomez Fuentes (Osallistuja)
  • Jean-Philippe Georges (Järjestäjä)
  • robert Schiemann (Järjestäjä)
  • Ruttik, K. (Järjestäjä)
  • ian craig (Järjestäjä)
  • David Mosely (Member)

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5 credits PhD course: Automation and IT technologies have always played a key role in the minerals industry through the development of process automation systems, advanced control methods and production planning, scheduling and control solutions. The minerals industry has derived significant benefits from exploitation of the newest IT technologies in their processes.
”Industry 4.0”, Industrial Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Big Data, 5G, AI are today the mega trends in the field of process automation. The smart factory of the Future will be based on these new technological tools, and is centered on the use of cyber-physical systems. The future structure of factories will be an inter-connected combination of intelligent production technologies, with the newest high-performance information and wireless communication technologies. New process control and production management theories are also looked for to run the factories efficiently and environment safely. The Industrial companies are currently redesigning their business and technology approaches by exploiting the increasing convergence between operational technology and information technology under these new technologies to keep their competitive edge in the global markets.
In this PhD course, we will study the structure and architecture of the plant automation and information systems emphasizing on the future automation systems in context of process systems and minerals engineering.
• Students will gain an understanding on the most transformative process automation technologies for improving process industries operation and staying ahead of the competition in the field.
• Furthermore, the state of the art on process modelling and control in mineral processing will be covered.
• You will have also the opportunity to visit a mine site (The European largest gold mine – Suurkuusikko, Kittilä , in the Lapland Province of Finland) to see current automation systems in use in the mine and in the concentrator. The mine is owned and operated by Agnico-Eagle Mines Limited
• You will also visit the university laboratory, which employs many cutting edge technologies and serves as a pilot for the factory of the future. This setup will prepare the students for the future automation challenges with the latest tools and merges data analytics, cloud computing and wireless network studies with process automation.
• The course concludes with a discussion on the networking economy and modern business models for digital services and the platform economy.
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