Medea Seminar and K3 public talk

  • Zachary Dodson (Puhuja)

    Aktiviteetti: Julkinen esitelmä


    Invited to speak and give a seminar at Malmo University, Sweden. This seminar focuses on a new approach to narrative and narrative design which deploys graphic elements and design thinking strategies to arrive at ‘hybrid’ image/texts. The visual literacy and communication methods of the design field open up new possibilities in fiction, from structuring narratives in a formally designed way to creating moments of emotional impact with well-timed visual or typographical surprises. The combination of text and image-based narrative has implications for interactive works, graphic novels, games, and designed novels. Zach Dodson has built a new Visual Communication Design masters curriculum around the techniques and methodologies of hybrid works at Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland. The program is interdisciplinary as well as cross-cultural, creating a tinder box for new ideas. There is also a new major in Information Design. He will present these emerging fields, the programs built around them, and a peek at the exciting works that are emerging from a hybridization of storytelling.
    Aikajakso18 maaliskuuta 201620 maaliskuuta 2016
    PidettyMalmö University, Ruotsi