Material Point Method:overview, challenges and the road ahead

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Abstract: The Material Point Method is a method for numerical calculations where very large displacements and deformations are present. The initial formulation of the method has been gradually improved leading to greater stability and better accuracy. However, typical formulations of material point method are still technically first order accurate, which means that achieving accurate results require many material points and is very time consuming. Therefore, the talk discusses how to achieve and maintain the second order convergence rate.

Later, the talk concentrates on the most recent developments in Material Point Method algorithms increasing the stability and accuracy of the method. Furthermore, the presentation discusses challenges related to granular flow simulations. Finally, the conclusions contain some speculations related to the Material Point Method future and suggestions for the areas in which the method may become the method of choice in research and engineering practice.
Aikajakso14 elok. 2019
PidettyTechnical University of Denmark, Tanska
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