Material Place: How do the qualities of clay help (individuals / groups) explore (their) place)

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The goal of this proposal is to understand material values, especially how clay, as a material, plays a role in self exploration rooted in creative making and social environment/context. Makers, thinkers and educators have documented how clay’s temporal and transformational qualities have been utilised to comment on, or activate a change, in a place for community understanding - or Placemaking. Material Place will test clay’s ‘power’ to facilitate Placemaking, in an area synonymous with ceramics, Stoke-on-Trent. A place that has a complex and changing relationship with the material.

This explorative workshop is based on the previous experiences that the two researchers have: with Material connection (Falin 2014), Aesthetic processes (Falin 2014) and previous relevant clay Playground workshops (Bagi 2013, 2014). This ‘workshop’ will utilise an enquiry-based model of exploration. Participants will explore ‘self’ via a creative clay landscape / playground in a social context. The theoretical basis is drawn from the Jane Bennett’s Vibrant Matter (2010) and the assumption is that clay as a matter is not a dull material with no influence when being in interaction with it, but that it has certain vitality it self. This assumption is based on the notion that humans and nonhumans are all basically build from the same matter and we do not only live in a material world but we are part of it.

An enquiry based learning model will be utilised to explore the above. With the ‘transformative’ states of the material being creatively and activity available for free expression by the participants. Using the Reggio Emilia model, ateliers will help the participants explore themselves with the material in an open-ended workshop setting. The architectural layout and additional creative ‘props’ will encourage the participants to consider social connections.
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Tapahtuman otsikkoCeramic Values: Can ceramics make a difference?
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