Marcelo Maina

Aktiviteetti: Hosting a visitor


Marcelo Maina (Ph.D.) visited the Learning Environments research group together with Lourdes Guàrdia (Prof.) to know more about Teemu Leinonen's work as well as ongoing project at legroup. During their stay they met Aalto researchers Merja Bauters, Tomi Kaupinen as well ex-researchers from Medialab Tarmo Toikkanen and Mariana Salgado.

Marcelo Maina and Lourdes Guàrdia work at UOC and their visit to Aalto was funded by an Eramus + program.
Aikajakso8 lokakuuta 201810 lokakuuta 2018
Mistä vieraileeOpen University of Catalonia (Espanja)
Vierailijan tutkintoLecturer
Tunnustuksen arvoInternational