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    A four-day workshop exploring the artistic use of the device called 'Pixelstick': a versatile tool that was developed two years ago as a Kickstarter project. Using the 200LEDs-stick and a slow shutter speed camera, one can add existing photos that are uploaded onto the stick, to any existing -low light- environment (indoor-outdoor).

    The four-day workshop is led by the artists Bartaku and Various Artists.
    The participants explore a new direction in the medium of photography using this recently developed work tool. During the workshop we explore the artistic possibilities of this tool.
    Participants will first learn how to prepare the stick for use - including preparing and uploading photos) - and get familiar with how to handle the device: generating the images with body and stick; settings for mobile phone and/or (pinhole) camera. After this introduction, experimenting starts with participants using their own individual images in spaces that they find suitable.

    Thursday May 3rd, a special workshop is organized at MPLab, Art Research Laboratory, Liepaja University with and for the students.

    On Sunday 6 May the digital and printed photographic results of the workshop will be showcased at SERDE.

    Initiated and organized ´nadine´ Laboratory for Contemporary Arts and ´Various Artist´, in collaboration with Bartaku (Fin/BE) and MPLab (Liepaja University, Latvia). Hosted by SERDE Arts Center (Aizpute, Latvia),

    The setting:
    Technical preparations: Serde Arts Center
    Experiments: Aizpute town // surroundings
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