Kinemata - motion memory enhanced

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Kinemata is a wearable device that captures the user’s body movements for the purpose of learning that movement. Becoming aware about a specific physical activity while receiving feedback about it through multiple senses can significantly increase the chances of memorizing the movements. The user can feel the motion simultaneously while performing it through the auditory, visual and tactile feedback that enable an enhanced perception of the movement itself. Kinemata can benefit various types of learners that are depending on having a specific skill in an accurate body movement: sport, dance, marshal arts, handcrafts, other kind of physical work.

There are several ways of using Kinemata. In a most practical scenario, a teacher can show and record a movement for the learner to repeat. Another way to approach memorizing a motion sequence is by self-practice. The learner can select a movement that he/she wants to remember, record it and then begin perfecting it through repetition and feedback.

Kinemata can also be used in artistic performances, where a possible purpose of the device could be to translate a specific movement into sound, visuals or vibration. Remote visualizations are possible.
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Tapahtuman otsikkoAwareness and Reflection in Technology Enhanced Learning : Education Technology Enhanced Learning
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