Keynote Talk: Decoding Boundaries Between the Built and the Unbuilt: Human Interaction for Resilient Urban Environments

Fricker, P. (Puhuja)

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It is time for critical reflection as we entered the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, oversaturated as it is with the diversity and arbitrariness of digital media and rapidly evolving smart city technology. We are at a crossroads: conventional ways of city planning are inevitably coming to their end, while increasingly complex challenges require a new approach in the field of urban and landscape design. This calls for rethinking the relationship between "smart solutions", citizens and the environment.
Aikajakso17 lokakuuta 2019
Tapahtuman otsikkoSustainable Transformations: Exploring the Arts and Creativity in Stimulating Innovation and Technologies with a Human Touch
Tapahtuman tyyppiSeminar
SijaintiBrussels, Belgia
Tunnustuksen arvoInternational