Jong Hyun Wi

Aktiviteetti: Isännöity akateeminen vierailu Aalto-yliopistossa


Visit of Korea Game Society, including three visitors:
1. Jong Hyun Wi, Dean of Virtual Convergence College in Chung Ang University ( President of the Korea Game Society
2. Youngsook Lee, Associate professor of Dongguk University ( Director of the Korea Game Society
3. Hyeyoung Ko, Assistant professor of Dept. of Digital Media Design & Applications in Seoul Women's University ( Director of the Korea Game Society

The purposes of the visit were:
- Collaboration in Advanced IT Convergence Edu, and Research
- Exploring Models for Startup Incubation and game Industry Development
- Exploring Trust-Based Ongoing Collaborative Institutions
- Establishing a Communication Channel with Northern Europe
Aikajakso26 syysk. 2023
Mistä vieraileeKorea Game Society (Etelä-Korea)Chung-Ang University (Etelä-Korea)Dongguk University (Etelä-Korea)Seoul Women's University (Etelä-Korea)
Vierailijan tutkintoDean
Tunnustuksen arvoInternational