Its your data, but my algorithms

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    The world is increasingly digital, but the understanding of how the digital affects everyday life is still often confused. Digital technologies present an agency of their own into the human processes. The underneath code itself is not objective nor value-free and carries own biases as well as programmers, software companies or larger cultural viewpoints objectives. As such, digital technology affects the ways we structure and comprehend the world around us.
    This article looks at the digitality through an artistic research project. Through using code in a postmodern way as a material for expression, the research focuses on how code as art can express the digital condition that might otherwise be difficult to comprehend. The art project consists of a drawing robot and a EEG-headband. The headband allows the visitor to control the robot through thoughts. As such, the visitor might get a feeling of being in control, but at the same time the robot interprets the data through its algorithms and thus controls the visitor's data.
    The aim of this research projects is to give perspectives to the everydayness of digitality. It wants to question how we comprehend digital in everyday life and asks how we should embody digitality in the future. The aim of this research project is at the same time to deepen the discussion of digitalization and to broaden it to alternative understandings. The proposed research consists of both the theoretical text and the interactive artwork, which could be present in the conference.
    Aikajakso15 toukok. 2018
    Tapahtuman otsikkoPolitics of the Machines: Art and After
    Tapahtuman tyyppiConference
    SijaintiCopenhagen, TanskaNäytä kartalla
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