ISKO I-SKOOL Denim Seminar

Leppisaari, A. (Osallistuja)

Aktiviteetti: Participant of a conference, workshop, session or tutorial


The Denim Seminar, a two-day event dedicated to the twenty shortlisted students of the Denim Design Award, took place in the CREATIVE ROOM™ headquarters, ISKO™’s Italian style and design think-tank, on March 19th and 20th.
It was a very important moment for ISKO I-SKOOL™ educational activities because the seminar saw the finalists of the Denim Design Award gathered together with tutors, partner’s representatives and the ISKO I-SKOOL™ team for two days of unique workshops – focused on both technical and soft skills development – and practical sessions enabling them to transform their project into real garments poised to steal the limelight on the Final Awards Ceremony catwalk.
Aikajakso19 maaliskuuta 201820 maaliskuuta 2018
Tapahtuman tyyppiSeminar
SijaintiCastelfranco, Italia
Tunnustuksen arvoInternational