Industrial internet deployment: What new benefits will 5G bring?

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We are witnessing the early stage of the 4th industrial revolution that will fundamentally change the existing business models. The revolution is characterized by a fusion of new ICT-technologies that blur the physical, digital, and biological domains and make products more intelligent. The rise of these smart, connected products is transforming competition across industries, when the focus is shifted from product delivery to product use phase – i.e. to optimizing the use of products for a customer in real-time.

This calls for new kinds of industrial internet applications that provide customers with mobile, real-time, predictive, and automated solutions to optimally use the products. Although technology is no bottleneck for enterprises anymore, it is not trivial to build and implement such solutions, since a number of technology layers need to work together: sensors, connectivity, data storage, analytics, applications, and digital services. In addition, a some kind of IoT-platform with open API-interfaces and professional data security is needed to manage and integrate data from the existing internal IT systems.

A number of forerunner organizations have already deployed industrial internet for their key customers and started the journey towards data-driven digital business models. However, the mainstream is still waiting for more standardized and ready-made applications. For instance, collecting sensor data from products and applying cloud-based analytics in real-time require sophisticated connectivity solutions. The existing mobile connectivity technologies (e.g. M2M, WLAN, LTE, LoRa, Sigfox, and NB IoT) have clear limitations and do not enable everything yet. Therefore, many organizations have set big hopes for the forthcoming 5G-technology to solve challenges in data speed, latency, capacity, energy consumption, etc.

The speech is about industrial internet deployment, the benefits 5G will bring to it, and how to build a roadmap for 5G-enabled industrial solutions.
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