Beloff, L. (Member), Keski-Korsu, M. (Member)

Aktiviteetti: Työpajan, paneelin, session tai tutoriaalin järjestäminen


Return to Dilmun uses the CRISPR Cas9 technique in vitro, to codify the image of an idol of early agricultural society into DNA, showing the continuity between early breeding and cultivation of species and those contemporary techniques and technologies.

In a 5-day workshop, we re-make the artwork by re-doing the in vitro and in silico protocols and in addition discuss its artistic and cultural significance, the ethics of these type of artistic research practices and scientific experiments, how to turn an experimental artistic gene-editing protocol in a meaningful learning-teaching-training module and whether it is important we imagine more of these types of artworks and their making.
Aikajakso5 marraskuuta 202010 marraskuuta 2020
Tapahtuman tyyppiConference
SijaintiVirtual, Online
Tunnustuksen arvoInternational