High-Resolution inspection for bonding voids in Solid-Liquid-Interdiffusion (SLID) bond interfaces by Acoustic GHz-Microscopy

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Solid-Liquid-Interdiffusion (SLID) bonding is promising for formation of:
-Bond frames and hermetic seals for MEMS
-Micro-connects for 3D integration in microelectronics
-Die attach for power semiconductors
Major advantages:
-Formation of high-temperature stable bonds processed at low temperatures
High strength
GHz-SAM allows defect detection down to few 100 nm diameter through a few µm of remnant Si
Application to bond quality analysis for process development studied with respect to small voids
Aikajakso27 marrask. 201729 marrask. 2017
Tapahtuman otsikkoConference on Wafer Bonding for Microsystems, 3D- and Wafer Level Integration
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