Helsinki Design Week: CreaTures Panel Discussion

Aktiviteetti: Työpajan, paneelin, session, tutoriaalin tai tapahtuman järjestäminen


Creative practices have already demonstrated transformational potential in the area of social cohesion and environmental citizenship, but they are often fragmented, poorly resourced and badly understood.
The CreaTures project (Creative Practices for Transformational Futures) demonstrates the power of existing – yet often hidden – creative practices to move the world towards social and ecological sustainability through addressing ways of being and lifestyles.
The CreaTures Panel Discussion at Helsinki Design Week ( will open a space for discussion about existing and potential roles of creative art and design practices in driving socio-ecological transformations. The five invited panelists are experts in the arts and sustainability sector and will share their experiences and ideas regarding possible pathways towards sustainability.
Aikajakso9 syysk. 2020
Tapahtuman tyyppiOther
SijaintiHelsinki, SuomiNäytä kartalla
Tunnustuksen arvoNational