Helsinki Biennial Symposium

Aktiviteetti: Ei-akateemisen tapahtuman järjestäminen


The Symposium kicks off the Helsinki Biennial 2023 (HB23) public programme with lectures and panel discussions that orbit around the HB23’s main themes and questions. The symposium serves as an overture to next summer’s biennial. It reflects and refracts the biennial’s main conceptual threads of contamination, regeneration, and agency with an extra focus on the following premise: that curatorial activity today is shaped by two major inescapable factors; the persistence of the climate emergency on the one hand and curating’s technical and cultural confluence with twenty-first-century media on the other.
Aikajakso9 jouluk. 2022
Tapahtuman tyyppiSeminar
SijaintiHelsinki, SuomiNäytä kartalla
Tunnustuksen arvoNational