Gamifying Learning in Visual Communication online game project

Raevaara, M. (Valvoja)

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Project leader and supervisor: Gamifying Learning in Visual Communication online game project, 2017-2018. In cross-disciplinary collaboration between departments of Computer Science and Art at Aalto University, we will create drawing learning game for a fully online course in basic drawing and visual communication skills. Learning to draw and communicate visually is an experiential learning process, i.e., and iteration of trying something out, observing and reflecting on the results, and trying again. Compared to a real teacher, a game can give feedback faster, speeding up the experiential learning cycle.

The beta version is ready and the first official online course was launched in December 2018 and over 120 students registered to it. The game was introduced in CHI PLAY 2018 conference and game competition in Melbourne, Australia.

The project leaders and supervisors are professors Perttu Hämäläinen from Game Design and Production, and Martti Raevaara from Art Education.
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