From Alpacas to Arctic Microbes: Intuitive Interspecies Communication within Artistic Practice

Aktiviteetti: Konferenssiesitelmä


This video presentation gives an overview of almost ten years of artistic practice that is based on intuitive interspecies communication (IIC), empathy and sensorial bodily experience. The body of work started from alpacas where the burning questions of the implications of Anthropocene were presented to an alpaca herd in search of a guidance. It evolves trough hydrobodily encounters, healing with plants in steam bath / sauna all the way to the walking with permafrost bacteria in the Subarctic Sápmi. In this presentation, IIC is considered as a method, a way to produce knowledge and to collaborate. Currently, it is a part of artistic research that aim at investigating interspecies ritualisations in change. At this phase, the focus is on the permafrost as an archive of knowledge and a video performance that is composed in proposed collaboration with the micro-organisms that has been released from the thawing permafrost and living on the active layer on top of permafrost soil. What kind of knowledge is released from the thawing permafrost? And what could the microbes related to it, tell us?
Aikajakso11 toukok. 2023
Tapahtuman otsikkoInternational Multispecies Methods Research Symposium
: Intuitive Interspecies Communication
Tapahtuman tyyppiConference
SijaintiSaskatoon, Kanada, SaskatchewanNäytä kartalla