Expert member in Is Wood the New Plastic panel at Oslo Innovation Week

Joutsela, M. (Puhuja)

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Is wood the new plastic? In this webinar we’ll explore how bio-materials can replace plastic. What are the future trends and needs in renewable packaging. We will hear from companies who work towards building a more sustainable future for the packaging industry.

What does packaging of the future look like? Is edible packaging the way forward? What does the industry need? Does renewable equal green washing? What effect does the design process have? Covid-19 has affected the way we buy stuff and e-commerce is booming: is reusable and returnable packaging an alternative? Join us and learn more from innovative startups and packaging experts.
Aikajakso23 syyskuuta 2020
Tapahtuman otsikkoOslo Innovation Week: Is Wood the New Plastic
Tapahtuman tyyppiSeminar
SijaintiOslo, Norja
Tunnustuksen arvoInternational