Convergence Research to Rearticulate Nociplastic Pain

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The feeling of acute pain is a physiological protecting mechanism to alert us of something being hurt in our organism. Acute pain is, therefore, adaptive. Bearing chronic pain poses an existential threat to
one’s being because chronic pain has no protective function. Persistent chronic pain is maladaptive, a
dysfunctional pain that “neither protects nor supports healing and repair”. This is even more apparent in the case of nociplastic pain, which is “pain that arises from altered nociception despite no clear evidence of actual or threatened tissue damage causing the activation of peripheral nociceptors or evidence for disease or lesion of the somatosensory system causing the pain”. This definition is trying to give a more concrete picture of what was before classified as “pain of unknown origin” or “idiopathic pain” which relegated the experience of the bearers to the psychogenic realm of their existence. The effort of biomedicine to explain the experience of pain by its etiology, severity, and other extension codes does not relate to the individual, subjective, imperceptible, unshareable, and unmeasurable experience lived by the individual bearing it. The mechanistic and functional biomedical perspectives that reduce life to biological processes leave what does not fall into those biological categories unquestioned or unseen. In my artistic research, I combine biomedical approaches to nociplastic pain with those of neuroscience, phenomenology, 4E cognition, enactivism, and neurophilosophy to problematize differently the lived experience of bearing nociplastic pain. Through diffractive methods and non-representational theories, I reintegrate embodiment and materiality into the research process. The research aims to fill the gap between the lived experience of the pain bearer and the classifications, interpretations, and mechanistic approaches of biomedical pain management, treatments, and therapies. Nociplastic pain is a multidimensional phenomenon that has an absolute effect on the bearer’s life. It also impacts and is impacted by the social environment where it is experienced, the economic milieu, and the culture where it is shared. Framed within critical posthumanism, which understands the knowing subject as a relational, embodied, embedded, accountable, and affective entity, my claim is that convergent research is needed to understand complex contemporary phenomena such as nociplastic pain.
Aikajakso1 syysk. 2023
Tapahtuman otsikkoMedical Humanities – Future Interdisciplinarity
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