Consumer Creativity: A Litterature Review and Novel Conceptualization

  • Eric Arnould (Puhuja)
  • Gry Knudsen (Puhuja)
  • Mario Campana (Puhuja)
  • Katherine Duffy (Puhuja)

Aktiviteetti: Konferenssiesitelmä


Presented at the 10th Conference on Interpretive Consumer Research, EMLYON, France
Creativity is a recurrent theme in interpretive consumer research and has been conceptualized as novelty seeking, problem solving, and co-creation. Analytical perspectives in consumer research, however, tend to focus on the individual consumer as creative agent. Inspired by recent discussions of context, collectivity, and assemblage in interpretive consumer research, we examine creativity as assemblages emerging between consumers, artefacts, and places. In contrast to the focus on individual creativity as problem solving in consumer research, we argue that creativity erupts as an outcome of socio-cultural processes, where consumers, artefacts, and places meet in combinationatory encounters that transform the routine into new, yet comprehensible consumption configurations. We analyze creativity across three distinct contexts, the global phenomenon of Fifty Shades of Grey, complementary currencies, and vintage fairs to identify specific creative instances and how they coalesce in order to uncover commonalities of creativity across contexts, and finally offer a model of creativity as an assemblage.
Aikajakso10 toukok. 2019
PidettyEMLYON Business School, Ranska
Tunnustuksen arvoInternational