Conference 'Anders Bauen - Build Different' - 16./17.06. in Kassel

Aktiviteetti: Akateeminen pääpuheenvuoro tai esitelmä


Keynote lecture in session: Do you speak Architecture?
Institutions in the twenty-first century Architecture institutions are changing. To address the public today they need new tools, new narratives and sometimes also new buildings. Very different institutions have to deal with these manifold challenges and thus shape the future of the architectural discourse.

Pirjo Sanaksenaho (Aalto University, New Museum of Architecture and Design, Finland), Pippo Ciorra (MAXXI, Rome), Martien de Vletter (CCA, Montreal)
Aikajakso16 kesäk. 2022
PidettyUniversität Kassel, Saksa
Tunnustuksen arvoInternational