Communal; AI as a Material, Instrument and the Other

Aktiviteetti: Akateeminen pääpuheenvuoro tai esitelmä


The composition Communal is one of a set of performances where the performer and the musical instrument work together to direct, suggest and form a transitional musical narrative. For this performance, the piece takes the form of a collective that allows us to recognise the deeper transformations in the use of AI technologies towards co-determining how music can be present for and perceived by human musicians and audience. The piece was composed using the tools we developed as part of AI-terity and GANSpaceSynth projects in our music laboratory. In the context of new interfaces for musical expression, AI technologies serve an integral role today, offering new perspectives to experiment on the ways in which a musical instrument manifests itself in human-technology relation, finding ways to embody itself into the otherness. Following the live performance of the Communal, I will briefly highlight how the use of AI technologies, not only becomes a material for building new musical instruments to carry out certain operations, but also advances a mutual influence in a co-creative music practice.
Aikajakso22 marrask. 2022
Tapahtuman otsikkoEmbodied Perspectives on Musical AI
Tapahtuman tyyppiSeminar
SijaintiOslo, NorjaNäytä kartalla

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