Brand Processes: Mediators and Representations

  • Arnould, E. (Puhuja)
  • Andrea Hemetsberger (Kontribuuttori)

Aktiviteetti: Konferenssiesitelmä


Presented at Journal of Consumer Research invited Conferene on the Future of Brands
Drawing from disparate research streams in marketing, consumer research, and social science, this article provides an integrated brand framework. Specifically, we discuss and draw on foundational assumptions and metaphors found in the branding literature and provide a detailed and integrative process perspective on brands as a basis for further empirical research. The framework presents a model of brands that resonates with recent more consumer-centric and networked perspectives, incorporating cocreation processes of brand meaning, cogeneration processes of brand manifestations, and coconstruction processes of brand interest group formation. Brand processes are further explicated as mediators between micro-, meso- and macro-level phenomena. The article draws on social representation and social mediation theories to flesh out mediation processes in greater detail. The authors argue that a brand is both a contingent cross-sectional representation of the outcome of these processes at a certain point in time and the dynamic intersection of these processes in time. While primarily conceptual, the article draws on different case material to back up the theoretical arguments.
Aikajakso5 jouluk. 2019
PidettyColumbia University, Yhdysvallat, New York
Tunnustuksen arvoInternational