Archipelago: Maps of the Moving World

Bratton, C. (Järjestäjä)

Aktiviteetti: Konferenssin, workshopin tai session puheenjohtajana toimiminen


Co-conceived and launched a research group in Helsinki in late August with some of the key events held at Aalto. Worked with colleagues at the University of Helsinki to organize the event, including seminars, working group meetings, and presentations. Entitled ARCHIPELAGO: MAP(S) OF THE MOVING WORLD the group includes prominent international artists, social scientists, technologists and activists. It was conceived as a means to challenge popular misconceptions about migration and represent the fact of human movement within a web of global relations, past and present, towards an imagined other future.
Aikajakso21 elokuuta 201925 elokuuta 2019
Tapahtuman tyyppiWorkshop
SijaintiEspoo , Suomi
Tunnustuksen arvoInternational