AIM - The Association of Moving Image Researchers (Ulkoinen yksikkö)

Pinto, T. (Jäsen)

Aktiviteetti: Regular membership of a society or network


The Association of Moving Image Researchers, AIM, came out of the desire to bring together in Portugal, in the same organism, a group of researchers sharing the same investigation interests.
The desire to know exactly who they are and where they work, in which projects they are involved, and to which institutions they might be affiliated to, was supplemented by the increasing coincidence of their meeting in conferences dedicated to the moving image.
Among the goals of AIM are the promotion of research in areas like film, television, cinema archaeology, video, the Internet (and others); the promotion of regular scientific meetings; and the publication of a journal.
With these activities, AIM intends to become a functional platform for the sharing of knowledge and experiences amongst the several researchers who, both in Portugal and abroad, study the moving image.
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PidettyAssociation of Moving Image Researchers (AIM), Portugali
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